The Ultimate Gut-Brain Digestion & Immune Support Pack

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This Ultimate Gut-Brain Bundle includes: 1 bottle of Curcumin 46X, 1 bottle of Restora Flora 50, 1 bottle of Lipo Therm 100, and 1 box of Dyflogest
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Turmeric & Curcumin Supplements for Inflammation and Immune System

Fight back against inflammation and support immune function with this curcumin featuring 500 mg per serving and 95% curcuminoids for maximum absorption. This Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X formula includes a delivery enhancer that makes the curcumin 500% more bioavailable in the body.

·        Curcumin’s therapeutic benefits help activate more than 700 genes and regulate the activity and growth of enzymes responsible for inflammation

·        Curcumin is one of the top 10 best-selling supplements in the USA (Nutrition Business Journal)

·        Thousands of research studies have been done on the health benefits of Curcumin

·        Curcumin was used 6000 years ago by Egyptian pharaohs and Indian Ayurvedic medical practitioners and continues to be consumed today for good health

          This formula contains curcumin extract with 95% curcuminoids and turmeric root powder extract to increase bioavailability or the amount that is absorbed by the body


What Are The Health Benefits of Curcumin Full Spectrum 46x?

·       Supports graceful aging: Antioxidant mechanism protects cells against oxidative damage.

·        Cardiovascular Health: Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, especially by decreasing the propensity of low density lipoprotein to oxidize.

·        Immune System Health: Strengthens the body’s immune system.

·        Pain management: Supports real comfort.

·        Joint health: promotes a healthy inflammatory response, while promoting joint comfort and flexibility.

·        Digestive Health: Promotes healthy digestive function.


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Best Probiotics for Digestive Health

Each Restora Flora capsule contains a minimum of 50 Billion
colony forming units (CFU) of living bacteria stored in a state of suspended animation.
(That's why we recommend storing the bottle in the fridge to keep them as fresh as possible.)
When the capsule comes into contact with water in your digestive system the bacteria will "wake up" and go to work in their new home.

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Lipo Therm 100: Support for healthy weight management

·        Lipo-Therm Protects Your Mouth and Digestive Tract From The Fire!

·        Lipo Therm uses a patented controlled-release coating to protect your mouth, esophagus, and stomach from the spicy stow-away stored inside.

·        The protective coating in Lipo Therm also protects the capsaicin from being destroyed by stomach acid.

·        Once Lipo-Therm reaches your lower intestine it delivers its fiery payload where it’s absorbed… without any discomfort!


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Dyflogest: Stomach & Liver Support Supplements for Digestion & Metabolism

Improve digestion in all three digestive zones - stomach, liver, and intestines - with this powerful European supplement blend featuring black radish extract. Black radish has been used for centuries to promote bile function and support healthy digestion.


·        Black Radish is shown to help with liver detoxification and food metabolization, supporting bile production which helps break down fat and protein

·        Artichoke Extract helps stimulate secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and bile in the liver

·        Peppermint Oil is known to relieve stomach upset and inhibit growth of certain bacterias

·        Artemesia, or Wormwood extract is a natural antiseptic and helps eliminate microbes


DyfloGest works on multiple levels:

·        Improves your liver function which triggers more bile production to breakdown and digest fats and proteins better

·        Corrects your pancreatic pH level to make more digestive enzymes

·        Normalizes excess stomach acid for less heartburn

·        Promotes easy, regular bowel movements

·        Stops mild diarrhea and irritable bowels

·        Decreases bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines for less bloating and gas


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