RejuvaPlex - Multivitamin and Mineral Complex, Proprietary Blend of 42 Fruits and Vegetables

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This Simple 6 point checklist reveals 

How Your Daily Vitamins Stack Up to Today's "4th Generation" Super-Multi!

Your daily multi-vitamin —  it's the foundation of your health routine — the simplest thing you can do to ensure optimal health as you age.

But picking the right one can be confusing when you're presented with so many options that all seem so similar. So we've created a simple 6 point checklist you can use to look at what you're currently taking and decide if it's time to upgrade.

That's right,  we said upgrade — because multi-vitamin technology has improved dramatically over the decades — right along with your TV, computer, and phone.

Vitamins were first discovered in 1912, but it wasn't until 1934 that mass-produced multivitamins made it to drugstore shelves.

Since then, multivitamins have experienced several phases of evolution, including just recently in 2017 when we entered the 4th GENERATION of multivitamin technology.

Check out the list below and see how your multivitamin stacks up to today's 4th Generation Super-Multi...

6 Super-Multi "Must-Haves"

  1. OPTIMAL DOSES of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals
  2. THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORMS of key vitamins and minerals
  3. PHYTONUTRIENTS that help your body fend off aging and fight disease
  4. BOTANICAL BOOSTERS to supercharge your healthy lifestyle
  5. DIGESTIVE SUPPORT to help your body absorb as much nutrition as possible

S U P E R - M U L T I   " M U S T - H A V E "   # 1: OPTIMAL DOSES

The Government's Recommended "Daily Value" for Vitamins is Not Enough to Create Optimal Health!

If you get your vitamin bottle out of the cupboard and inspect it you'll notice a Percentage of Daily Value listed next to many of the nutrients...

Originally determined during WWII, the Daily Value was established to ensure soldiers surviving on military rations didn't get diseases from nutritional deficiencies like...

  • Beriberi (Vitamin B1 deficiency)
  • Pellagra (Vitamin B3 deficiency)
  • Paraesthesia (Vitamin B5 deficiency)
  • Pernicious anemia (Vitamin B12 deficiency)
  • Scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency)
  • Rickets (Vitamin D deficiency)

With millions of soldiers to feed on wartime rations, the US government wanted to know the minimum nutrition it was obligated to provide each soldier.

Did you notice we said "MINIMUM?"

The 100% daily value is the BARE MINIMUM to prevent deficiency diseases.

That's why 4th Generation SUPER multi-vitamins always provide the OPTIMAL doses of daily nutrition needed to achieve OPTIMAL health.


Many Cheap Vitamin Manufacturers Sneak In Less Effective Versions of Vitamins and Minerals...Hoping You'll Never Know the Difference!

When we talk about a single nutrient we are actually referring to a family of related nutrients that all have a similar structure. A great example of this Chromium, a trace mineral that helps regulate insulin, blood sugar and fat storage.

There are several different members in the Chromium family including:
  • Chromium chloride
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Chromium nicotinate

But recent studies show that there is definitely a difference in how the human body reacts to the different forms...

Common Form of Chromium Causes  Weight Gain in Young, Obese Women

A recent study by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas at Austin found that Chromium picolinate supplementation resulted in significant weight gain in young obese women, while exercise training combined with chromium nicotinate supplementation resulted in significant weight loss in the same demographic.

This is why 4th Generation SUPER multi-vitamins use the most effective form of a nutrient.

This is where most cheap vitamin brands fail — they use inexpensive, low-quality ingredients because they know most regular people don't know the difference.

They know if most people see chromium somewhere on the label then they think they're getting what they need... but that's not always the case.

S U P E R - M U L T I   " M U S T - H A V E "   # 3: PHYTONUTRIENTS

The "Fruits & Veggies More Matters" initiative by the CDC recommends that you fill half your plate at each meal with a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables.

What makes colorful fruits and veggies so good for you are the phytonutrients — substances plants produce naturally to protect themselves against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Phytonutrients promote your health by helping to: 

  • Slow the aging process
  • Reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other chronic health conditions (including some cancers)
  • Enhance immunity
  • Detoxify carcinogens
  • Reduce inflammation.

Today's 4th Generation SUPER multi-vitamins "bridge the gap" (between what you should eat and what you do eat) by including a wide spectrum of whole fruits and veggies that provide ample phytonutrients.

S U P E R - M U L T I   " M U S T - H A V E "   # 4: BOTANICAL BOOSTERS

4th Generation SUPER Multi-Vitamins Harness Mother Nature's Most Powerful Medicines

We live in a marvelous era when — for the 1st time in human history — we have access to health-promoting plants and herbs from every continent... including the oceans!

Never has it been easier to harness the very best Mother Nature has to offer and that's why every 4th Generation SUPER multi-vitamin includes botanical boosters.

S U P E R - M U L T I   " M U S T - H A V E "   # 5: DIGESTIVE SUPPORT

It's Not What You Eat, But What You ABSORB That Counts!

Multi-vitamins should be taken with food for maximum absorption.

Here's just 2 examples of why...

You absorb just 15 percent of the riboflavin in a multivitamin without food, but this increases to 60% with food! Eating a meal with healthy fats can boost the absorption of vitamin C to nearly 70%.

Why is this?

Well first of all, taking vitamins with food increases stomach acid which helps break down the compounds found in your multi-vitamin. Some vitamins which are fat-soluble (like A, D, E and K) can only be absorbed by the body if they are dissolved in fats. What most people also don't realize is that vitamins like B12, thiamine,  riboflavin, and vitamin K are actually produced by the microorganisms living in their gut.

These are all reasons why 4th Generation SUPER multi-vitamins include some sort of digestive support.So if your vitamin doesn't contain probiotics and enzymes, then you aren’t absorbing what you think you are.

S U P E R - M U L T I   " M U S T - H A V E "   # 6: SAFE INGREDIENTS

Check Your Multi-vitamin Label for These 6 Questionable (Possibly Dangerous) Ingredients!

Worse than including, cheap inferior versions of vitamins and minerals in a multi-vitamin, is the inclusion of ingredients that could be harmful.

Here are 6 questionable ingredients found in some of the most popular, name brand vitamins...

  1. Polyethylene Glycol, this filler is the main ingredient in antifreeze. It is sometimes used in manufacturing and has laxative properties when ingested in high quantities. Some people report allergies to it.
  2. Artificial Colors, in the UK food products with dyes cannot be marketed to children and must have a warning label in products marketed to adults.
  3. Titanium dioxide, this microscopic, metallic glitter may cause inflammation in the digestive tract and may lead to inflammatory bowel disease. Some websites list it as a carcinogen.
  4. BHT, this synthetic preservative “is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen,” according to the National Toxicology Program.
  5. Corn Starch, although this filler is natural (unless it says "modified" in the name), almost all corn in the USA is genetically modified and many people have an intolerance to it.
  6. Hydrogenated Oils, Trans fats are still in the formula of 1 leading multi-vitamin brand so check your labels closely!

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