Restora Flora  - 12 Bottle Supply
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Restora Flora - 12 Bottle Supply

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  • COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: Contains 50 Billion CFU’s from 12 diverse bacteria strains specifically selected to promote a healthy digestive and immune system.*
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Provides unmatched support for increasing the body’s beneficial bacteria and keeping your digestive tract balanced with probiotics.*
  • INCREASED ABSORPTION: Restora Flora 50 contains a pre-biotic to increase the probiotics bioavailability.*
  • ALL-NATURAL: 100% Gluten-Free, Trans Fat-Free, and GMO-Free.*
  • DIRECTIONS: Take one to two capsules daily.*
  • *Read more research and reference information

Best Probiotics for Digestive Health

Each Restora Flora capsule contains a minimum of 
50 Billion
colony forming units (CFU) of living bacteria stored in a state of suspended animation.
(That's why we recommend storing the bottle in the fridge to keep them as fresh as possible.)
When the capsule comes into contact with water in your digestive system the bacteria will "wake up" and go to work in their new home.

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