RejuvaPlex and Rejuvenation- Combo Pack

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Your daily multi-vitamin, it's the foundation of your health routine and the simplest thing you can do to ensure optimal health as you age. Elevate your overall health with this power-packed multivitamin with probiotics that also combines 42 essential vitamins and minerals made from fruits and vegetables.

Recharges energy with B vitamins and greens*

Supplements key nutrients that are missing from the Standard American Diet (SAD)*

Includes probiotics and enzymes for healthy digestion*

6 SUPER-MULTI "Must-Haves" 
OPTIMAL DOSES of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals 
THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORMS of key vitamins and minerals 
PHYTONUTRIENTS that help your body fend off aging and fight disease 
BOTANICAL BOOSTERS to supercharge your healthy lifestyle 
DIGESTIVE SUPPORT to help your body absorb as much nutrition as possible 

ReJuvenation is a powerful amino acid blend that stimulates cell production and anti-aging to help revitalize youthfulness. 

Rejuvenation: Anti-Aging Supplements with Vitamins

Stimulate the power of your own cells and anti-aging to help revitalize health. This nine-ingredient formula encourages your pituitary gland that promotes healthy cell division.

    Fucoidan has been shown to help reduce oxidative stress and increase endurance.
    L-Arginine HCL- helps increase blood flow to vital organs and supports mitochondria for energy
    L-Glutamin-e is an anti-aging powerhouse that helps preserve muscle tissue and strength
    Glycine- supports digestion and is a component of collagen that makes up skin, tendons, and ligaments
    L-Lysine HCL- is an essential amino acid that assists in cholesterol management and healthy aging
    L-Ornithine HCL- releases hormones to promote physical strength and endurance
    Organic Reishi Mushrooms- help promote Nerve Growth Factor for healthy brain and immune function
    Ashwagandha- is an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals and helps promote alertness and focus
    Goji Berries- are full of nutrients and polysaccharides to help detoxify cells and boost energy

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