RejuvaPlex and Lipo Therm 100 - Combo Pack

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Your daily multi-vitamin, it's the foundation of your health routine and the simplest thing you can do to ensure optimal health as you age. Elevate your overall health with this power-packed multivitamin with probiotics that also combines 42 essential vitamins and minerals made from fruits and vegetables.

Recharges energy with B vitamins and greens*

Supplements key nutrients that are missing from the Standard American Diet (SAD)*

Includes probiotics and enzymes for healthy digestion*

6 SUPER-MULTI "Must-Haves" 
OPTIMAL DOSES of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals 
THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORMS of key vitamins and minerals 
PHYTONUTRIENTS that help your body fend off aging and fight disease 
BOTANICAL BOOSTERS to supercharge your healthy lifestyle 
DIGESTIVE SUPPORT to help your body absorb as much nutrition as possible 

Lipo Therm Protects Your Mouth and Digestive Tract From The Fire!

 Lipo Therm uses a patented controlled-release coating to protect your mouth, esophagus, and stomach from the spicy stow-away stored inside. The protective coating in Lipo Therm also protects the capsaicin from being destroyed by stomach acid. Once Lipo-Therm reaches your lower intestine it delivers its fiery payload where it’s absorbed… without any discomfort!

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