How Inflammation Affects Your Gut - Digital Booklet (Immediate Download)

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Protecting Your Gut-Brain Health Connection
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Science has discovered what might just be the #1 most powerful factor for a long, healthy life. That factor is the ecosystem of microbes in your gut – your microbiome. 

A balanced microbial environment inside your digestive system not only affects digestive health. It also connects to almost every other function throughout your body*. 

Surprisingly, this even includes your brain*. 

There can be no doubt whatsoever - your life depends on your microbiome. 

Specifically, lifelong well-being lies in a balance among trillions of bacterial cells living throughout your GI tract, from your mouth all the way through your colon. 

Scientists estimate that your microbiome consists of more cells than those of your own body. The latest research puts the number of microbes in your gut at just under 40 trillion cells. Your own cells number closer to 30 trillion*. 

When your microbiome is healthy and in balance, it is also extremely diverse. 

It consists of as many as 1,000 different species*, together called your microbiome. They are mostly bacteria, with a few fungi (mostly yeasts), viruses and other microbes in the mix.

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